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  • Iro 色 : Colour

    Taking cues from this Japanese term, Iro is a homegrown label that celebrates its moniker in every possible sense: from the dazzling array of hues and shades to the vibrant prints and patterns splashed on our versatile roster of utility products and lifestyle essentials.

    Founded by Mishika Savani in 2020, the young entrepreneur has leveraged her background in textiles to generate seamless patterns that offer everyday home utilities a colourful update. Expect a wide range of utility-driven products from trendy laptop sleeves, shoe bags, lunchbox covers and travel pouches to colourful grocery bags that will make everyday errands more fun. Our signature patterns come to life against the canvas of handpicked textiles, weaves and fabrics, each selected with a discerning eye to offer a fine balance of fashion and functionality. Today, any product crafted at Iro can be instantly recognised by its colour-splashed prints and unparalleled craftsmanship.

    At Iro, we are giving age-old classics a contemporary makeover with our advanced language of aesthetics and style. Our exclusive selection of trendy colour palettes and versatile silhouettes come together to ensure that any essentials you choose from our roster will occupy a treasured place in your wardrobe and home. With our heart anchored in the homeland and a contemporary outlook, Iro serves as the one-stop destination for the modern trendsetters of today.